The Tax Review: Phase 2

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Proposition Reference Article Billet d’État
P.2022/112 Amendment 2 Parkinson/McKenna 5 II


Policy & Resources Committee


To delete propositions 2 to 6 and substitute therefor: 2. To agree that the States will address the current and future fiscal deficits of the States of Guernsey by a two-phase reform: A) In Phase 1 to design a new Corporate Income Tax (‘CIT’), on a territorial basis with a general rate of 10% to 15% to raise a minimum of £20m per annum, and that a States’ Investigation & Advisory Committee (‘SI&AC’) shall be established with the Constitution and Mandate set out below which shall report back to the States of Deliberation no later than the end of the current States term. • Title Corporate Income Tax Investigation & Advisory Committee • Constitution Two Members who shall be members of the Policy & Resources Committee (one of whom shall be President) and Two Members (upon establishment of the Committee to be Deputy Charles Parkinson and Deputy Gavin St Pier) who shall be Members of the States and One voting member who shall not be a Member of the States who shall be elected by the other members of the SI&AC but who shall be an independent international tax consultant who does not have a client or customer relationship (at the time of his or her election and whilst he or she is a member of the Committee) with a company liable or potentially liable to tax in Guernsey on its profits. • Mandate To develop proposals for and define the detailed features of a new tax (to be known as Corporate Income Tax or CIT) to be levied at a rate of 10% to 15% on a territorial basis on the profits of Guernsey registered companies and other companies doing business on Guernsey. To engage and consult with those companies whose profits will or may be subject to CIT, representative bodies of such companies, the other Crown Dependencies, relevant international bodies and any other persons, bodies or organisations that the Committee thinks fit for the purpose of discharging its mandate. And in particular to consider: a) The source rules for categories of income, including but not limited to: i) Banking income ii) Insurance income iii) Franchise income iv) Income from intellectual property b) The desirability of a new ‘Participation Exemption’ in the Guernsey tax system c) Any necessary amendments to Guernsey’s Unilateral Double Tax Relief provisions d) Any Economic Substance Test which may be necessary or desirable e) The rates of Guernsey withholding tax on dividends, interest and royalties paid by Guernsey residents to non-Guernsey residents, f) If appropriate, other ideas and opportunities as they arise in relation to corporate tax that would improve the net financial position or sustainability of the States of Guernsey in the longer-term, g) How better to understand the scale of accumulated untaxed, undistributed profits in Guernsey-resident companies since the introduction of Zero-10 in 2008 and the abolition of the deemed distribution regime in 2012, and if appropriate, having regard to compliance with international standards, to consider: i) The viability of extending section 67 of the Income Tax Law to provide appropriate anti-avoidance legislation, particularly in respect of closely held investment holding companies. ii) Incentivising earlier taxable distributions. iii) Any other mechanisms to increase revenues from this source of profits, h) Recommending such consequential changes to the current Income Tax Laws as may be necessary or desirable And to report back to the States by the end of the current States’ term with proposals and recommendations. AND: B) To direct the Policy & Resources Committee to: i. Prepare the States of Guernsey Annual Budgets for 2024 and 2025 to include no real-terms growth in revenue expenditure, excepting the budget of the Committee for Health & Social Care; and ii. Include proposals within the Government Work Plan 2023 to reprioritise initiatives for which funding has not yet been released to the extent necessary to limit the additional expenditure to deliver these initiatives over the remainder of this term to a maximum of £5.7m, being 1% of the 2023 General Revenue budget AND: C) In Phase 2, following at least two full years of operation of the new CIT to direct the Policy & Resources Committee to review the effect on Guernsey’s public finances of the implementation of Phase 1, and report back to the States with any recommendations for further measures, if any, needed to address any remaining fiscal deficit, before 31 December 2029. 3. To authorise the Policy & Resources Committee to make such funding available from the Budget Reserve as is necessary in order to enable the CITI&AC to carry out its mandate.

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Contre 27/01/2023 16:43

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Leadbeater, Marc De Sausmarez, Lindsay
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McKenna, Liam Dyke, John
Parkinson, Charles Falla, Steve
St Pier, Gavin Ferbrache, Peter
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Haskins, Sam
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