3. Alderney Airport Runway Rehabilitation

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Proposition Reference Article Billet d’État
P.2022/90 Amendment 6 Burford/Soulsby 3 XXII


Policy & Resources Committee


To delete all the propositions and substitute therefor: 1. To agree to (i) rescind Resolutions 1-3 made on 31st January 2019 on Article 2 on Billet d’État No. 1 of 2019 (P.2018/138); (ii) approve Option C+, as set out in this policy letter; (iii) replace the previously agreed scheme for Alderney Airport in the Government Work Plan with the Option C+ scheme, and (iv) direct the Policy & Resources Committee on behalf of the States of Guernsey to negotiate with the Policy & Finance Committee of the States of Alderney in order to update the operational relationship and secure capital funding for the Option C+ scheme to redevelop Alderney Airport and runway; and if a reasonable and robust agreement cannot be reached, to direct that the Policy & Resources Committee reverts to the States of Guernsey for further consideration of options to secure funding for Option C+; all provided that the States shall first have resolved not to extend the runway at Guernsey Airport pursuant to their Resolutions of 28th November 2019 on Article X on Billet d’État No. XXIII of 2019 (P.2019/105) which require Propositions in relation to the length of Guernsey’s runway to be presented to the States; and to direct the Committee for Economic Development to submit those propositions to the States in order that they may be debated at or before the March 2023 meeting; and, if the States resolve to progress an extension of Guernsey’s runway, to direct the States’ Trading Supervisory Board instead to arrange for the works under Option A to be carried out, as set out in this policy letter; Or, only if Proposition 1 shall have been defeated: 2. To approve Option A, as set out in this policy letter, to refurbish and maintain proportionate infrastructure at Alderney Airport with the minimum works required to support ongoing Code B aircraft operations with some safeguarding for a future extension where there is little or no impact on cost; and to direct the States’ Trading Supervisory Board to arrange for those works to be carried out; And 3. If Option A is progressed (either under proposition 1 or 2), to direct the Policy & Resources Committee and the Committee for Economic Development to undertake investigations into the feasibility of re-establishing an inter-island route network between Guernsey, Jersey and Alderney as well as between Alderney and Southampton, with all such routes operated by a single established Channel Islands-based airline, using aircraft that can operate from the existing runway length in Alderney, and these routes ultimately to be designated as lifeline routes; and to direct that by December 2023 the Committees shall either submit a Policy Letter to the States together with appropriate recommendations if investigations indicate that such a change is feasible or make a statement to the States’ Assembly if investigations indicate that such a change is infeasible.

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Contre 15/12/2022 12:03

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15 21 1 2 1 40


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Blin, Chris Aldwell, Sue Dudley-Owen, Andrea Dyke, John Bury, Tina
Brouard, Al Cameron, Andy Falla, Steve
Burford, Yvonne De Lisle, David
De Sausmarez, Lindsay Fairclough, Simon
Gabriel, Adrian Ferbrache, Peter
Le Tissier, Chris Gollop, John
Le Tocq, Jonathan Haskins, Sam
Matthews, Aidan Helyar, Mark
McKenna, Liam Inder, Neil
Meerveld, Carl Kazantseva-Miller, Sasha
Queripel, Lester Leadbeater, Marc
Soulsby, Heidi Mahoney, David
St Pier, Gavin Moakes, Nick
Taylor, Andrew Murray, Bob
Trott, Lyndon Oliver, Victoria
Parkinson, Charles
Prow, Robert
Roberts, Steve
Roffey, Peter
Snowdon, Alexander
Vermeulen, Simon