5. The Prevention of Discrimination (Guernsey) Ordinance, 2022

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Proposition Reference Article Billet d’État
P.2022/70 Amdt 4 b. Dyke/LeTissier 5 XVII


Committee for Employment & Social Security


2. Delete sections 16, 17, 18 and 19 and renumber remaining provisions and amend relevant cross-references accordingly. 3. In section 50(1), delete ", 17" and insert "in respect of a claim not based on discriminatory pay" after "20". 4. In section 53:- a) for the header, substitute: "Amount of compensation – discriminatory pay." b) for subsections (1) and (2) substitute:- "(1) Subject to section 54 and subsection (2), the award of compensation under section 49 for a contravention of section 14 in respect of a complaint based on discriminatory pay, is a sum equal to arrears of pay, calculated as the sum which would have the effect of putting the complainant in all respects in the position in which the complainant would have been had there been no such contravention. (2) The maximum time period during which a sum equal to arrears of pay can be calculated under subsection (1) is three years; but (for the avoidance of doubt) compensation shall not be granted in respect of any period prior to the commencement of section 14.".

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Contre 29/09/2022 12:26

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Blin, Chris Burford, Yvonne Taylor, Andrew
De Lisle, David Bury, Tina
Dudley-Owen, Andrea Cameron, Andy
Dyke, John De Sausmarez, Lindsay
Ferbrache, Peter Fairclough, Simon
Haskins, Sam Falla, Steve
Helyar, Mark Gabriel, Adrian
Inder, Neil Gollop, John
Le Tissier, Chris Kazantseva-Miller, Sasha
Mahoney, David Le Tocq, Jonathan
Meerveld, Carl Leadbeater, Marc
Moakes, Nick Matthews, Aidan
Murray, Bob McKenna, Liam
Prow, Robert Parkinson, Charles
Queripel, Lester Roffey, Peter
Roberts, Steve Soulsby, Heidi
Vermeulen, Simon St Pier, Gavin
Trott, Lyndon